Just A Round Brown Lady Gamer: Gaming Since 1989!

This is probably my 15th attempt at blogging . It took a really long time to find the write place to express my thoughts. So, what really is the purpose of me doing so? There are many things that people are afraid to talk about and address, especially in the gaming world. This is what I do. This is what I was destined to do. I am a black female gamer. So what, you say? Many people who say that very statement really don’t understand what kind of an impact that has in the gaming world. Sometimes I feel like I am on another planet. Black female gamers are really the most unrecognized target group in the gaming world. Not by the gaming industry but by the black females themselves. I am proud to be a “lady gamer”, which is a term that I rather go under. Any girl or female gamer, but a lady gamer is totally different from those types of gamers. And I am here to teach and educate about that very thing. To be that voice for all ethnic, not just black women, lady gamers who have expressed to me on occasions that they hide their love for gaming because of the negative influences from friends and family.

People are right when they said that gaming sees no skin color, and that is true…sometimes. But, what happens when those “sometimes” come about? Why does everyone disregard them and then get angry when someone like me address them? We are all human, but there are also people, gamers and people who work in the gaming industry, you do see color. Sometimes they sneak it into gaming and actually think no one will notice it. They haven’t met me yet.

So, let me warn you now, I plan to speak about things that I see in gaming that some refuse to see, some that see and refuse to speak on, and some that see it, speak on it, and catch heat from it. It’s a dirty job, but I do it because it needs to be done. The argument “You are just looking for things that racially wrong” or “you are seeking to be offended” will not work here. My answer to that very thinking is this: Things like race in gaming, sexism in gaming wouldn’t be brought up by people like me if it was not there to begin with. So, I made this blog to speak candidly and openly about these issues. As gamers, we get enough heat from those who don’t understand our life styles as it is. So, we have to fight these issues head on. Now, this blog won’t completely focus on these issues. It will be a mix of randomness in my life, my love for gaming and all other things, and some here or there gaming reviews.

Should you find anything that you don’t agree with, come correct to me about it. But, know that this is my blog. I WILL speak my mind. Some of you may relate, some may not. But, respect is all I ask for. That is not much at all, right? I am not a common female, so don’t expect me to act as such. The over all message of this blog is to inspire, encourage, educate, and empower all gamers, male female, black, white, and all other races.

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