TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

Happy Thursday evening, Lady gamers! TLG is proud to continue its blogging presentation of introducing our Lady Gamers staff to you. Today, we have….

–          About me

I’m a college student who moved to North Carolina at eighteen and suddenly realized how time could stand still like that one “D. Gray Man” episode. I enjoy playing video games (HAH!), reading smutty Laurell K. Hamilton novels in-between the classics, occasional anime splurges, petting my clingy cat, being a beach bum, critiquing other people’s grammar and most of all, writing my own stories.

–          How I got into gaming

I have fond memories from my childhood of zombies, aliens and vicious Mortal Kombat combos as a guy shouted ‘toasty’. But those memories were taken from the sidelines, as I watched my older brothers play on their consoles. My own foray into the gaming world wasn’t nearly as adventurous. My Nintendo 64 only had Kirby, Yoshi and Mario to keep it company. Years later, I grew more serious about gaming when I purchased a Playstation 2 along with a copy of Grandia II, and as they say, the rest is history.

–          What gaming means to me and how I’d use it to change the world

I love video games for the same reason I love books—fantasy allows for a certain suspension of belief, and I’d like to believe I’ll be able to marry Garrus (From the “Mass Effect” game franchise.) someday. However, video games take it to another level. Instead of traveling along with our favorite characters in a series, gamers get to literally control those characters. We immerse ourselves in vast, imaginative realms and make invisible connections with millions of other gamers all over the globe playing right along with us.  That connection crosses political, social, and ethnic lines in a way that brings us together, if only to conduct polls about which fictitious character we’d like to bone. Sex is always a good place to start when talking world peace.

–          How am I a lady gamer?

I enjoy roleplaying and simulation games the most. The Mass Effect series has SLIGHTLY crossed me over into shooter territory, but as I have yet to actually beat a shooter, I can’t say that it’s one of my favorite genres. I’ve already mentioned ME, but the Final Fantasy series is also a favorite of mine, along with The Elder Scrolls and The Sims. I can’t stomach horror by myself, as I’m a punk, but that doesn’t stop me from watching Amnesia: The Dark Descent videos on Youtube.

TLG is very privileged to have Ms. Elise with us! ^____^*

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