TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

I, Blackessence, am so proud of the team that has formed for TLG! TLG is being presented by beautiful women of all walks of life and I love them dearly! So, today we at TLG, will conclude our introduction of the beautiful women of TLG by presenting you with a young lady who is not only an awesome gamer, but a budding actress and model as well as a great mother to her young daughter! TLG presents to you…


Hey, Gamers! My name is Kelly Green and I’m from Sydney, Australia! I’ve been playing games since I was 8 years old and I bought my very first console at 8 years of age after saving up birthday and pocket money to buy a sega master system II. These games were hard as there was no such thing as save points or respawning. You were given three lives and soon as you died, it was GAME OVER!

My first PC games came in the form of “guy games” as they were targeted for the male audience. However,  I felt myself being drawn towards them. Classic pc games such as DOOM and Duke Nukem were both that I played constantly. I still remember some cheats to DOOM to this day! lol!

From then on, I was hooked! I would purchase the latest gaming console  ever released, with the exception of the game cube. PS3 has been my constant companion up until this year when I was surprised with a Star Wars limited edition xbox 360. I like to think of myself as a first and third person shooter kind of girl with games like Borderlands, Call of duty: Modern Warfare, and many others under my belt! Though, my first love has always been RPG’s-Final Fantasy having to be the big one (7-12) along the Witcher, Nier, Starwars: The old republic. I’m also a horror fan and my favorite games in that genre include Projet Zero, Resident Evil, Dead Island, and Dead Space. Currently, I am awaiting my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw to arrive!  I game on the Nintendo Wii, too! But, I only use for fitness as I like the Just Dance franchise as well as the Zumba franchise, and the other games like Wii Sports. I will basically try any game! But, in order for me to get a good feel of a particular game, it takes me all of an hour to decide if the game is a Yay or Nay!



Ms. Kelly sure does bring international spice to our team! She was the final young lady to join the awesome ladies of TLG! We appreciate all of you being patient in the uploading of these intros as we felt it was important that you all knew who will be bringing you all AWESOME content to this blog! Please, spread the word and thank you all SO MUCH for the support! -TLG Staff

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