Project Zero also known as Fatal Frame- Not for the faint of Heart!

As I said I am a huge horror fan and this game made me love it, but it also scared the living daylights out of me.  Image

The game is set in Japan about a girl called Miku and her brother Mafuyu.  Mafuyu decides to go looking for his mentor Junsei Takamine, in the Himuro mansion and brings with him a special camera, a camera that can see the other world. It is one week later that Miku decides to investigate the Himuro mansion and what happened to her brother.  When Miku arrives at the mansion she finds no trace of Mafuyu only their mother’s old camera.  The camera obscura as it will be come to be known is your only weapon as you are now trapped in the mansion. Image Your only defense in the game.

Inside the mansion Miku decides to continue Mafayu’s investigation on the folklorist who disappeared.  The folklorist came to the mansion to document the grisly events that occurred long ago.  The folklorist finds out about a strangling ritual and before he and his team can get any further they are set upon by the spirits that were killed in the aftermath.  Every room Miku enters the story seems to get worse and worse, but Miku continues on in the hope to find her brother.

As I said this game scared me and I don’t scare easily! There is no music in this game it just has ambiance which adds to the scary atmosphere.  Something else I didn’t realize whilst playing this game was the A .I. in it.  I had run the rope hallways dozen of times, even millions as you have to go back and forth into different rooms some will be locked by puzzles.  Anyway as I was running down the rope hallway the ropes suddenly grabbed Miku and started to choke her!  That was the first and last time I played this game alone!  I would later come to realize that the camera obscura could be upgraded to fight off these demons and ghosts better.

I actually went searching on the net for a Himuro/Himaro/Himara mansion as this was supposedly based on a true story but couldn’t find anything.  I also asked friends who are based in Tokyo, there is a story about a haunted house on the outskirts of Tokyo which this could have been based on.


The controllers are a little difficult at first and trying to get the ghost in frame and at the right position when they fade in and out is annoying, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty awesome.  I only kept playing because I wanted more knowledge on what was going on in the Himuro mansion and let me tell you it’s very, very, very unpleasant!  I also wanted to find out what happened to Mafayu but by going on what happened in the first couple of opening sequences the player can already guess what has happened.  The only thing remains: Will you survive?

Gamer rating: 9/10

Happy Fall everyone =)


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