Role Models in Video Games – Aveline

Video games would seem a very unlikely place to search for a role model. With their fictional worlds and oftentimes violent nature, video game characters lead lives very much different from the norm. That is what makes them extremely entertaining, but also difficult to relate to our real worlds. We play them, immersing ourselves in their world. We then return to reality.

Recently, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed Liberation were released. Both games feature minority characters in the main role. Aveline is the female character in the PS Vita exclusive Liberation. Ever since she was first pictured, brown skinned women from all nationalities rejoiced everywhere.

But Aveline’s heritage is not the only thing that makes her a “role model”. It is her design.

Aveline dresses like a “lady.” Her design is not at all ridiculous or skimpy like a lot of the other game women. As a cosplayer, it is often difficult to find a character with a design that is not accentuating something for males. There is nothing wrong with skimpy characters. It is refreshing to see not only Ubisoft, but other gaming companies making strong women in their games.

I hope this trend keeps up! Despite the fact that Aveline is, essentially, murdering people, she is also a strong female, minority character. We need more of those in our games!

  1. Great article! When we first saw her at E3 I freaked out! She is literally the first and a little diamond, lol! Can’t wait to play this game, my only issue is finding a PS3 to borrow now. >_< Great work!

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