Console Wars. Ready, Let’s Rock!

With the holiday season upon us and the next generation of consoles on the horizon starting with the November 18th release of the Wii U, I find myself shifting uncomfortably in making a decision of what console to play on as we ride the last glorious waves of this generation of hardware.

But isn’t this an old argument, Butterfly? I suppose it could be. PS3 versus XBOX 360 has been an argument ever since the consoles were both released. The Wii was never a real contender (but is a fun little machine nonetheless!), but now with the Wii U being a powerhouse it is giving the other two a run for their money. When I got back into gaming after a hiatus, I brought an Xbox 360. The next year I also got a PS3. I have every console and portable that is currently out. It now becomes of a question of does a “true gamer” even need every console?



With all the new hardware coming out and coming up in the next few years, I start considering what kind of gamer I am exactly. I absolutely enjoy owning every console, but is it necessary?

Personally, I have begun to think I own my XBOX 360 for the wrong reasons. It would be the perfect machine for me if I was into multiplayer, but I am old school. Good, old fashioned couch co-op is still my favorite even though I have friends across the world. Most of the games I enjoy most are single-player experiences and, with that, I should just stick to my PS3.

I am head over heels in love with my PS3. It is such a wonderful machine and the images are just gorgeous. I actually think my PS3 is superior to my XBOX 360 just as I expect the PS4 to be superior to the XBOX 360. These are all my own opinions, of course, and I really enjoy both consoles. If I have to choose, however, it would probably be the PS3.

Trophies also do not stress me out as much as achievements and the coveted Gamerscore. There is this undeniable pressure to get every achievement and increase that score. This is stressful for me, a gamer who could actually care less about a number. Trophies do not seem to give me that stress. I can play a game without much worry. If I get a trophy, ok that’s fine. I rarely even check the trophy list. I just enjoy the game. Also, playing offline means much more infrequent updates to my score/trophies. These two screenshots reflect not being online in months.


So, what am I going to do in the next current generation?

Wii U – I am not going to be getting this console at launch, but I will be the first to say that this console is a beast! I have played it for several hours and it’s pretty amazing. An attachment issue to my current Wii is making it difficult to move on. I feel like there is unfinished business with it. Also, it is the first console I completely purchased myself. That is a huge deal! I know that I will probably get a Wii U, but it will be further into its lifecycle. Whenever Bayonetta 2 comes out will probably be when I make a decision.

*Note: I have not looked at specs or guesstimates on either of the next two consoles. I will not start research on them until they are officially announced.

“Playstation 4” – I will definitely be getting this console going off of the fact that I love Sony. I never realized how much of a Sony fan I was until I started looking at my past gaming history. When I was a kid I turned in my N64 for a Playstation 1. Also, the Playstation 2 is my favorite console ever.

“XBOX 720” – I am on the fence about this console, at least at its launch. I am 100% sure that all of my gaming friends will probably get this console.

I recently started purchasing more games in PS3 form. Let’s see how the remainder of this generation goes.

  1. You say the Xbox 360 is for serious gamers (which I am) and competitive gamers (which I’m not). I’m not saying its a bad console because I do own it, but I personally do not even play multiplayer so I’m finding that its not for me worth having. Plus it sounds like a truck when turned on lol

    Anyway just my personal viewpoints 🙂 I know the majority of America says XBOX 360. That’s evidenced by it typically being the console you demo on at gaming conventions like PAX and E3.

    Note: I played Bayonetta on the Xbox 360 so I’m not sure how the PS3 port was ^___^

    • peachymomo
    • November 24th, 2012

    OMG!! PS4 ~ you will be mine!! lol! ❤ I can't wait to find out more about it. =D

  2. It’s a free wordpress theme 🙂

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