About TLG

Hello, Fellow Lady Gamers!

Welcome to our “True Lady Gamers” network! This site was developed to encourage ALL women, but primarily women of color in the gaming community to be more open about their love for gaming. This site will provide not just big gaming news, but insight in the gaming community from a “Lady Gamer’s” point of view. We will provide gaming news to educate and enlighten both men and women in the gaming community. However, the content in which we will provide will be presented in the most respectable tact and good intentions. All articles will be written from the personal opinions of the writers and should be respected as such. We will bring up issues that most gamers would have never thought about in different perspectives.


It all started in the year 1989, when a two year old little girl, soon to be known as “BlackEssence”, beat her first video game on Nintendo’s “Gameboy”. It was that very moment when “little essence” knew she wanted to make am impact in the gaming community using a medium that she grew up to love and cherish. It was in 2004, when BlackEssence decided that it was time she made her voice known in the gaming world and in 2007, blackessence officially declared her presence, not only being widely known in The Sims community, but also on youtube where game company moguls like EA, Thatgamecompany, and Sony Playstation discovered her and her love of gaming as well as some of their gaming franchises.

Thus, in 2009 the road to developing “True Lady Gamers” was born. The term “Lady Gamers” was invented by Blackessence in 1998 when she first witnessed a huge Tekken 3 battle take place in Monroe, North Carolina, between two black female gamers. Since then, the term “Lady Gamers” held a certain meaning and today, it will continue being held as symbol of a lady who games with the ultimate class.

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