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E3 2013: A Summer Never To Be Forgotten!


Wow, first let me say, if there is ANYONE still following this blog, please forgive me, as the creator, for not keeping it updated. Games that are coming out now can be a chore to keep up with and many of them I and my fellow TLG girls are excited about! Unfortunately, I have gotten into this habit of not following any news of the games that I am excited for to keep from spoiling myself! As you can see, that can be a good thing AND a bad thing!

However, in light of great games coming out this summer, I wanted to share with you, briefly, the great opportunity that was given to me this summer that has been a working dream come true for as long as I can remember! Back in May of this year, the multi-mogul company UBISOFT through a “Meet Your Heroes” contest where you could win an all expense paid trip to E3 this year! Figuring that a lot of people would try out, I, at first, was not going going tor try out for the contest and upload the require video entry. In the video entry, you had five minutes to speak about why you felt you should be chosen to go to E3, what kind of gamer you were, and do all of this while letting your personality show who you were as a gamer.  The winner would become an Ambassador for Ubisoft and would be allowed to report on things and be involved in things that would help promote yourself as well as Ubisoft! So, I mustered up enough courage to make an entry, not with a mindset that I was going to win, but with the mindset that I had nothing to lose and it wouldn’t hurt in trying to get myself recognized for the kind of gamer that I am known to be. So, I posted my video on YOUTUBE.

A few weeks later, literally, in the middle of the night when I awoken to look for a late night snack, I decided to check my emails. Tears immediately fell from my face (Hey, I am not afraid to admit that!) when I saw an email from Ubisoft stating that I was one of the winners of the contest! For weeks, I was planning, getting gamer cards printed, getting my clothes together, doing all that I could to make sure that when I went on this trip to Los Angeles, California, that I was not only going to have a good time, but to be their representing for the demographic of women that I have been known to encourage to be empowered through gaming!

Needless to say, that trip was the BEST experience in my entire life. I don’t think I could ever say enough “Thank Yous” to Ubisoft for their treatment of me, how they took care of me, and the awesomely awesome friends I made who came from around the country and around the world! E3 was more than what I ever expected and I hope that I will be given the opportunity to go again! Now, I can’t go into details of what all I had to do, but I can show you a video that Ubisoft created the first day that I am my fellow winners had to interview for when we arrived in California! You can watch it below as well as the interview that I am my good friend that I also met on the trip had to do just before Ubisoft’s press conference!

E3 Ubisoft Ambassadors Pre-show Interview and Interview with the Ambassadors:

Also, after the trip, I wanted to post a “Thank You” video for Ubisoft for the wonderful hospitality as well as thank my new friends for being such wonderful and awesome people and gamers! 

“You wanna be known as the “Lonely Wolf” for the rest of your life, man, or what?!”-Joe Higashi

This month, the ladies of TLG are writing about their three favorite video game males that simply makes them melt whenever these hot guys grace their tv screen! In this post, I will share with you my three most favorite handsome male game characters and how great an influence they have been in my gaming life! First, we will start with….

The Lone Wolf himself, Terry Bogard.

     I first saw Terry in Fatal Fury for the SNES back in 1992/1993. I fell in love with him the first moment I saw him. In 1994, my older brother obtained the first animated movie of the anime trilogy “Fatal Fury” and let me tell you, I must have watched that anime a hundred and fifty times. The first movie told the story of how Terry and his younger brother, Andy, as children witness the murder of their father, Jeff Bogard, to a man named Geese Howard, to which he becomes the man that Terry loathes and has to defeat at the end of the movie. Not only do we see Terry and Andy grow on their journeys, but the movie highlights how they both become friends with Joe Higashi, a famous Thai kickboxer, and how Terry falls inlove and deals with the loss of a young woman-Geese’s female companion-by the name of Lilly, who we learn upon their first meeting, that she is the very little girl who witness Terry and Andy’s father being murdered when they all were children.

So, the series really goes in-depth of the ups and downs that Terry goes through, not just in his training, but battle with proving to HIMSELF of being a great fighter and fighting at his best against the best! We also see that the tender side of Terry as we fights with a curse that he believes he has: Every woman that he falls inlove with died in some tragic way. This is something that I feel a little close to Terry with. No one I have fallen in love with has died, but the losses are very similar to what Terry goes through when each of these events occurred in his life.

Terry Bogard is, by far, one of the most respected male video game fighters of our time. Terry is simply one of kind. Everyone knows Terry from his signature Fatal Fury hat, his sleeveless jacket vest with the white star on the back, to his infamous Chuck Taylors sneakers. It’s almost safe to assume that Terry Bogard is simply the greatest fighter that has ever graced the gaming world and we are still seeing more of him today. In his famous words as he turns and looks over his shoulder, “The storm is comin’!”

TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

I, Blackessence, am so proud of the team that has formed for TLG! TLG is being presented by beautiful women of all walks of life and I love them dearly! So, today we at TLG, will conclude our introduction of the beautiful women of TLG by presenting you with a young lady who is not only an awesome gamer, but a budding actress and model as well as a great mother to her young daughter! TLG presents to you…


Hey, Gamers! My name is Kelly Green and I’m from Sydney, Australia! I’ve been playing games since I was 8 years old and I bought my very first console at 8 years of age after saving up birthday and pocket money to buy a sega master system II. These games were hard as there was no such thing as save points or respawning. You were given three lives and soon as you died, it was GAME OVER!

My first PC games came in the form of “guy games” as they were targeted for the male audience. However,  I felt myself being drawn towards them. Classic pc games such as DOOM and Duke Nukem were both that I played constantly. I still remember some cheats to DOOM to this day! lol!

From then on, I was hooked! I would purchase the latest gaming console  ever released, with the exception of the game cube. PS3 has been my constant companion up until this year when I was surprised with a Star Wars limited edition xbox 360. I like to think of myself as a first and third person shooter kind of girl with games like Borderlands, Call of duty: Modern Warfare, and many others under my belt! Though, my first love has always been RPG’s-Final Fantasy having to be the big one (7-12) along the Witcher, Nier, Starwars: The old republic. I’m also a horror fan and my favorite games in that genre include Projet Zero, Resident Evil, Dead Island, and Dead Space. Currently, I am awaiting my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw to arrive!  I game on the Nintendo Wii, too! But, I only use for fitness as I like the Just Dance franchise as well as the Zumba franchise, and the other games like Wii Sports. I will basically try any game! But, in order for me to get a good feel of a particular game, it takes me all of an hour to decide if the game is a Yay or Nay!



Ms. Kelly sure does bring international spice to our team! She was the final young lady to join the awesome ladies of TLG! We appreciate all of you being patient in the uploading of these intros as we felt it was important that you all knew who will be bringing you all AWESOME content to this blog! Please, spread the word and thank you all SO MUCH for the support! -TLG Staff

TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

If you haven’t been able to tell already, our staff is growing beautifully! TLG has gained a wonderful line of young woman to represent our movement of gaming equality! So, today we present to you another of our awesome TLG staff of Lady gamers! We introduce to you…


I am a Sims 2 & 3 Machinima Director as well as site owner of a vibrant community revolving around Sims Machinima and Voice Acting. Still hanging back in the shadows of the gaming community, but I like to think I’m known around the Sims world at least by a pinch. I would love to jump in and get myself known out there though, I’ve just never had the opportunities.

Gaming is a big hobby of mine. To me, Customization, Interaction and Storyline are the solid foundations of a good game. I love RPG’s like Final Fantasy and Mass Effect, and I’m recently getting into the Elder Scrolls Series. Skyrim? All I can say is WOW. Still, I can whoop any guy in Battlefield while applying lipgloss. (And I have!) The gaming industry has surprised me time and time again, and I am looking forward to what comes next.

A few other interesting factoids about me include that I have suffered from delusions of gradeur since I was a child, I enjoy sushi, art on any medium and chickens. You can find me on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 under the name of tribillio — look me up and let’s play!


Ms. Tribillio and I, BlackEssence, have known each other for a very long time! So, it feels super nice to have her on the team to help spread the love of gaming and to keep the Sims Community alive and kickin’! Stay tuned as we conclude our introductions of our beautiful ladies of TLG!

TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

TLG is back again to bring you more of our classy beautiful women of TLG! Today we have the awesomely, awesome lady gamer herself, Kitty, or Ms. Kitty if you’re nasty! lol! This lady really needs no introduction with how awesome she is ANYWAY! But, she has granted us the grace to introduce her! So, we finally present to you…


Kitty’s Introduction:

I was going to write this long and eloquent soliloquy about the myriad of contributors that make me who I am. However, it is ME we are talking about here. I know that if I started on some flowery descriptive narrative that I might start with facts about myself and the games that I enjoy, but I would quickly end up floating in the stratosphere of forgotten monologues, spinning wildly among tangents that don’t make sense to anybody. So to avoid that (and to attempt to keep my ADD randomness to a minimum) I am going to introduce myself in a bullet lists.


  • My name is Kitty. You may call me “Kitty” or “Ms. Kitty” or “Hey, You!” or just “You” or whatever you come up with that denotes that you are speaking to/about me.
  • I have a supercool kid to whom I am passing on my propensity for all things nerdly/geekish. He’s rocking it out so far.
  • I was lucky enough to marry a gamer nerd/geek who also has a sense of responsibility (How rare is THAT? I knowwww!).
  • I have this rather intensely obsessive relationship with Star Wars.
  • I have also have an obsession with all things Joss Whedon that nearly rivals my love of Star Wars. (“Firefly” was the best shows ever made in the history and/or existence of everything ever. Period.)
  • I indulge in some form of gaming at least every other day if not every day.
  • I am incredibly opinionated about social issues. So, don’t be surprised if I drag out the soapbox now and again. I’ll try to keep my ranting to a minimum. 😛
  • I tend to get a bit random.


  • Pretty much anything that isn’t Country Western. Sorry if you’re a fan…I just can’t handle the twang. >__<*
  • Favorite music styles are: Jazz/Blues and J-Rock. (Eclectic, ne?)
  • Seriously though, Jazz owns my soul.
  • My. Soul.


  • This is actually a wicked long list, so I’ll just throw off a few of my favs.
    • Equilibrium (ß—possibly the most badass movie ever made)
    • Boondock Saints (ß— rivals Equilibrium for badassery)
    • Serenity (duh)
    • Star Wars (mostly the original movies because 4-6 were awesome and 1-3 were borderline offensive. Wtf, jar-jar…)
    • Moon Child
    • I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK (ß—seriously, if you haven’t seen this, you need to. Possibly the most twistedly funny movie in existence.)
    • And a million movies more that will not be listed here for fear of this introduction beginning to look like a Myspace page. *shudder*
    • Oh, and the Avengers.
    • And anything with Robert Downey Jr. in it. Anything. That man could make eating a bowl of cereal look intense and meaningful…and hot. >__>


  • I read 1,066 wpm.
  • Books are my mind expanding drug of choice.
  • We don’t have enough time for me to fan-girl over books.
  • NEXT!

And now the only category that really matters in this instance: GAMES!!

  • Types of Games I love:
    • RPGs
    • MMOs
    • Fighting Games
    • 1st Person Shooters
    • Arcade Games
    • Well-Done Horror Games (you know, like the Silent Hill series before “Homecoming”)
      Types of Games that I do not love:

      • Driving Games (I suck at them. No really…)
      • Sports Games
      • Strategy Games (FF Tactics gives me narcolepsy)
      • Most games made directly from a movie (I’ve seen the movie already. Why would I play a game to get the exact same story? There are a few exceptions to this.)
      • I will also be the representative in the corner of those Lady Gamers who enjoy not just video gaming, but tabletop and maybe even LARP as well. J


Soooooo that’s me in a nutshell. I’m Kitty, nice to meet you! =^.^=

Now, if that intro didn’t tickle your funny bone, I don’t know what will! We are thrilled to have Kitty apart of our team! Stay tuned for me intros of our TLG staff!

TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

Happy Sunday Morning, Gamers! This morning, TLG brings you another one of our classy ladies that is actually one of the first to be apart of the TLG staff! She is another beautiful and upcoming cosplayer and awesome gamer as well! So, today we  have the honor to introduce to you…

Hello, World! My name is Jessica, or “Jessi”, and my gamertag/alias is “ButerflySamurai”. Since my humble beginnings of watching my older cousins play Super Mario Brothers to actually holding my first controller at the age of 5, I have classified myself as a “gamer” and fully embraced the virtual worlds that developers create. Some of my all time favorite video games are Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Kingdom Hearts 2, Super Smash Brothers Melee (and Super Smash Brothers Brawl, of course!), Bayonetta, Uncharted, and several more.  I own every current generation console and portable, excluding the 3DS, which I do have plans to get in the future.

Other than gaming, I am also a cosplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for eleven years and have made costumes from anime, video games and movies. From Sheva Alomar of Resident Evil 5 to Black*Star of Soul Eater, I spend a lot of time creating these costumes and bringing these characters to life the best way that I can. I wear my costumes to a variety of conventions throughout the year including the Penny Arcade Expo and Dragon*con.

Now, for the not so gamer glamorous parts. I am a freelance journalist that graduated from Coastal Carolina University. I was born and raised in the South – South Carolina to be exact – and have a distinct, southern drawl that Siri does not understand. I have interned for Ubisoft Entertainment as a Frag Doll Cadette and traveled to events with them such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3!)

I cannot wait to see what TLG grows into in the future! Until then: See ya, Space Cowboy.

Ms. Jessi has been a joy to have on our team! Stay tuned for more of our leading ladies of TLG!

TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

I am so proud that TLG is growing so nicely! This week, TLG are introducing….

Hi, fellow gamers! I’m Kittie! But, please, feel free to call me Krystal. I’m 21 years old with a degree in IT- Computer Support and I’m a Sophomore in college majoring in Game Programming. My dream in life is to work for an amazing game studio and I’ll be creating games for all of you to enjoy. Besides gaming, I also enjoy watching horror films, Anime, digital art design, youtubing and also working on indie games that I create. I have been a gamer my whole life ever since I was a 5 year old kid stomping on Goombas! It’s literally been my life, haha! I’m a huge variety gamer that leaves no game unplayed, also I play competitively in the PMS Call of Duty division. Keep cool and stay nerdy is my motto.

Favorite Games: Silent Hill 2, Mortal Kombat: Deception, Double Dragon, Banjo Kazooie, Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead 2.
Favorite Female Characters: Jade (MK), Rochelle (L4D), B.Orchid (Killer Instinct), Alyx Vance (Half Life 2), Bulma (DBZ), Rubi (Wet) and Nina (Tekken).
Favorite Movies: Nightmare on Elm St, Slumdog Millionaire, Joyride, Child’s Play, Tomie, Rush Hour 2 and Dawn of the Dead.
Favorite Game Companies: Netherrealm Studios, 2K Games, Bethesda Softworks, id Software, Ubisoft and Valve.
Favorite Music: KoRn, Outkast, Linkin Park, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, System of a Down and Lupe Fiasco.
Favorite Shows: LOST, Kyle XY, Dragonball Z, Chappelle’s Show, Misfits, The Walking Dead and X-Files.

Stay tuned for more of our lovelyLady Gamers! ^_____^*