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Geek is Chic: Then vs. Now


When in the course of human events we discover that gaming is suddenly applicable to all aspects of life (and somewhat more accepted by the “mainstream”….*GASP* no, really?!), some of us old-school nerds sit back and gaze with wonder upon the hordes of people suddenly willing to wear the label “Gamer” or in public. As I go to Youtube to catch up with my checklist of “must watch” panels and demos from my favorite moments and methods of media entertainment, I have mixed feelings about the fact that, popularity and hype-wise, Comic-Con seems to be the new Ozzfest. Though I no longer reside there, it warms my little geekish soul that my hometown of San Diego plays host once a year to the mecca for all things simultaneously nerdly and fantastic.

The mixed feelings come when I can’t decide if I am more excited and vindicated because it is FINALLY cool to have a heated debate about the physics-bending, quantum theoretical applications necessary to justify Han Solo explaining his legendary Kessel Run in distance instead of time, or if I am annoyed that it has taken so long for the sheer awesomeness of Nerdom to be recognized. (I’m sure my residual bitterness towards my hobbies not EVER being considered cool when I was a kid is what fuels the inner conflict I’m experiencing here…‘Cause everyone loved getting picked on for wanting to stay in and perfect Chun-Li’s moves in Street Fighter II instead of going to the mall *gag*. Oh Freud would have a field day. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…except when it’s a SPINNING BIRD KICK!!!! But I digress…)

I suppose that my point in this instance (if there really is one) is that I am thrilled to death that my little gamer-nerd child gets to grow up in a world where geek is chic, but I’m a little jealous that it didn’t happen sooner.

In other news, DID ANY OF YOU WATCH THE PANEL FOR THE FIREFLY 10TH ANNIVERSARY CAST REUNION AT COMIC-CON?!  Oh Em Gee, it was  AMAZING!!!  *explodes in a cloud of fanglitter*

**ATTENTION** We interrupt this commentary to inform you that in a spastic fit of fandom, your commentator has temporarily incapacitated herself. Tune in next time when she will hopefully have her business together. We now return you to your regularly scheduled gamer blog.***

~ Ms. Kitty =^.^=

P.S. SPINNING BIRD KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!