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Silent Hill Revelation 3D | Film Review

Let’s take another trip to Silent Hill

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I have waited 6 WHOLE YEARS for this sequel movie to finally come out!  It’s here and bigger and better than I could have ever imagined.  Now I am one of the biggest Silent Hill fans you will ever meet, dating back from Silent Hill (2002) where it all started for me.  Even though I was only 12 years old, I found myself completely immersed into the craziness of the town called Silent Hill.  At New York Comic Con this year, I was able to see an exclusive sneak peak segment at this film, while also being graced at a panel featuring the producer, director and two main actors of the film!  This gave me such a tease and brought such hope for this being a great film and it did deliver.  Being a strong supporter and lover of the series ever since then, here we are spoiled with the 2nd film to the Silent Hill movie series and I have to say that this movie has EVERYTHING to give you a good scare this Halloween season.

The first Silent Hill film did surprisingly well ($20.1 million in the opening week) introducing a somewhat different story from the video games to long time fans and new curious ones.  One of the things that made the first Silent Hill film so successful had been the beautiful yet creepy presentation, impressive differing storyline and especially the MONSTERS!  Every single creature had an amazing contortionist or acrobat behind that latex and they brought every enemy fully to life.  Videogame movies haven’t always been that great but Silent Hill remains at the top of the list for one of the greatest adaptations that viewers have seen.  Many wonder can that same success be carried over with the next Silent Hill film. I sure say so!

Silent Hill Revelation falls nothing short of the amazingness that Silent Hill brought us.  The film has the same great style and keeps the viewers entertained throughout the whole movie. There were no moments where I had to check my watch to see if it was getting closer to the end. Not one yawn slipped from my mouth!  Everything was visually stunning and the story stayed close to the game, but also strayed away quite a bit.  What I mean from that is that this movie stands on it’s own while adding a little twist here and there to the original Silent Hill 3 game story that we all enjoyed.  It’s simple and the complex story is there but not as loose to follow. I know everyone is worried about the 3D and may be thinking, “Oh, just because you slap 3D on a movie doesn’t make it good!”  And I would say that I agree with you.  This film would be great on it’s own without 3D. It doesn’t add a whole bunch but as they were trying something new, it really turned out pretty swell!  Plus Akira Yamaoka has worked on the music in this film. Enough said there!

The story follows Heather Mason (played by the lovely Australian actress Adelaide Clemens) who is now 17 years old and her father Harry who seem to be on the run from something.  In this film we see that Heather is older, has changed her name and hair color, and they have been moving from place to place much too often.  Heather soon finds that someone is following her, possibly one of the ones they have been running from her whole life.  Racing home she finds that her father has gone missing and the message is soon calling out to her to head to the town called Silent Hill.  The one that her father told her NEVER to go to.  What is this town and why does she need to go there? Does this have something to do with the dreams that she’s been having?  Without spoiling anything for those who want to see the movie and fans who have already played Silent Hill 3, you are all are still in for a few new twists.  Your beloved characters will be there including Douglas, Claudia, Vincent, Lenoard… and everyone’s favorite executioner, Pyramid Head!

Adding 3D to this movie was a brilliant idea. It felt like we really were immersed just as we feel while playing any Silent Hill game. The fog is BOOMING in your face!  There is no shortage of monsters in this film although they all fit in with some sort of meaning behind them.  Every creature in Silent Hill is there for a reason and you’ll see why.  There are not many cheesy jump scares in this film which is perfect. I like my films to scare my psychologically which is done perfectly here.  My favorite thing about the film is how they integrated the ‘Nightmarish’ changes of Silent Hill with the real world.  The characters didn’t have as much development as the first Silent Hill film and that’s fine because what doesn’t fit there is made up with the impressive story line.  This movie is going to take you on a nice ride!  While it’s recommended to watch the first Silent Hill film (you can do so by clicking here to watch FREE from Crackle!) to get the full story, you should be able to pick up and enjoy this one just as well if you haven’t.  The movie was created to enjoy in 3D so do go and check it out in that form!  Hope you all enjoy your little adventure through Silent Hill.  Don’t get lost in the fog.    –KittieOnALeash
If you would like to check out a playthrough of the game that this movie is based off of, please check out my Let’s Play Silent Hill 3 video down below the break!

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TLG Staff: Meet The Classy Ladies of TLG!

I am so proud that TLG is growing so nicely! This week, TLG are introducing….

Hi, fellow gamers! I’m Kittie! But, please, feel free to call me Krystal. I’m 21 years old with a degree in IT- Computer Support and I’m a Sophomore in college majoring in Game Programming. My dream in life is to work for an amazing game studio and I’ll be creating games for all of you to enjoy. Besides gaming, I also enjoy watching horror films, Anime, digital art design, youtubing and also working on indie games that I create. I have been a gamer my whole life ever since I was a 5 year old kid stomping on Goombas! It’s literally been my life, haha! I’m a huge variety gamer that leaves no game unplayed, also I play competitively in the PMS Call of Duty division. Keep cool and stay nerdy is my motto.

Favorite Games: Silent Hill 2, Mortal Kombat: Deception, Double Dragon, Banjo Kazooie, Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead 2.
Favorite Female Characters: Jade (MK), Rochelle (L4D), B.Orchid (Killer Instinct), Alyx Vance (Half Life 2), Bulma (DBZ), Rubi (Wet) and Nina (Tekken).
Favorite Movies: Nightmare on Elm St, Slumdog Millionaire, Joyride, Child’s Play, Tomie, Rush Hour 2 and Dawn of the Dead.
Favorite Game Companies: Netherrealm Studios, 2K Games, Bethesda Softworks, id Software, Ubisoft and Valve.
Favorite Music: KoRn, Outkast, Linkin Park, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, System of a Down and Lupe Fiasco.
Favorite Shows: LOST, Kyle XY, Dragonball Z, Chappelle’s Show, Misfits, The Walking Dead and X-Files.

Stay tuned for more of our lovelyLady Gamers! ^_____^*