TLG Code Of Conduct

The Code Of True Lady Gamers

The purpose of True Lady Gamers is to influence the underrepresented demographic in the gaming community: Black female gamers. It takes a strong person, black, white, asian, Hispanic, anyone to see that black women are one of the most underrepresented race of women in the gaming community. It takes an even stronger person who is none-black to be brave enough to speak on the issues that plague black female gamers from their perspective and to, at the same time, speak up for ALL race of women gamers as well.

As black women, we will have the battle of standing our ground against ANYONE of ANY race who plans to try to tear down what we are trying to do. True Lady Gamers will hold strong when the Lady Gamers who are representing this federation are women of different races. We speak LOUDER when we work together. Without any deception, True Lady Gamer’s primary target is African American females. But, True Lady Gamers is open to EVERY young lady of any race. No young women gamer will be treated any less or greater than others.

This is a code that we hold strong to. Our goal is to build equality for all women who game. But, we have to fix the growing epidemic with no fear. There is no room for “I can’t.” or any kind of fear. We are strong women. Let’s shake the gaming world!

What Is a True Lady Gamer?

First things first, we have got to explain what a True Lady Gamer is and how “She” operates in the gaming community. I also want to explain what our purpose is and to help prepare you for what is to come when joining True Lady Gamers. Joining us will provide much exposure due to not only your contribution to True Lady Gamers, but to how much you contribute on your own in the gaming community. So, let’s get on with the traits of a True Lady Gamer:

Pure Class: This trait is essential in how a lady came carries herself. In the gaming community, not all gamers are created equal. Not all gamers respect each other. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will agree with who you are and how you operate in the gaming community. Not everyone will agree with the movement we Lady gamers are trying to portray and educate people about. There will always be someone trying to discourage you in some type of way about what you are


Being One of The “Fairest” In The Gaming Land: Gaming with other gamers is suppose to be fun! But, there are some people who don’t share this mindset and it can be VERY difficult to not feel the need to act out of character when faced with a sore winner, sore loser, or a gaming experience kill-joy. There are people out there who like cheating in multiplayer and sometimes you can’t avoid it. But, keep in mind of the reason as to why we game: Gaming for the joy and fun of it. Don’t ever think that other gamers are not paying attention to how you conduct yourself online. Play the game the right way, and

people will really take notice.

Standing On A Strong Gaming Foundation: A Lady gamer stands her ground when being questioned about anything related to who the True Lady Gamers are. There be a LOT of people who will try to detour you and make your believe that what you are doing is wrong. Don’t let them. We have more people from different walks of life supporting what we do. It’s different and people will attack anything that they are afraid of or do not understand. Learn to pick your battles. Some are worth educating and some are better left alone. A Lady gamer doesn’t let ANYONE bring stress and grief into her life.

Adapting To Different Genres: A lady gamer has the unique ability to adapt to different gaming genres. She doesn’t have to be necessarily good at ALL genres, but she has the ability to learn and to be open-minded about trying different gaming consoles and games. This distinguishes her from everyone else.

Interested In Joining True Lady Gamers?

TLG is made up of a rainbow of young women from around the country! We are already looking for writers, web designers, and promotionist for our team. We are open to anyone who is as enthusiatic and determined as we are to really shake the gaming world. So, if you are interested in helping us out in ANY way you can, please send any one of the staff or the head of TLG a message!

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